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20+ years' manufacturing experience

20+ years' manufacturing experience;

18-year factory | Exporting to 85+ countries | Lead time: 1-3 days

More than 20 Years of Manufacturing Experience
Established in 1998, with its own factory in mainland China and sales office in Hong Kong, Customalot is one of the industry-leading and professional suppliers of memory storage product and digital electronics. With years of experience in manufacturing, we maintain an excellent level of quality product and customer service. These factors make us a perfect long-term business partner for major distributors, resellers and retailers.

Benefit from Our Advantages

  • Excellent quality: ISO 9001:2000-certified, grade A chips and components
  • Competitive price: industry leading sales turnover per year allowing us to offer the best prices
  • Fast delivery: 10 SMT machines, 300 skilled workers, daily shipment from Hong Kong and Shenzhen
  • High production capacity: more than 50,000 pieces output per day, up to 2 million pieces per month
  • 24 hours customer service: our international sales team provides 24 hours, seven days a week service
  • Fast response time: most of your enquiries or emails will be replied in minutes

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